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Credentials from Nexteer Automotive

WEB development Nexteer credentials

February, 23rd, 2015: CodeConcept has received a testimonial from Nexteer Automotive. The firm claims that they are pleased with the services provided by CodeConcept. Additionally, Nexteer appreciates our responsibility for the projects, help and skillful workers, who suggest solutions and improvements. To see this testimonial go to Experience/Testimonials.

Credentials from AO Logistics

webdevelopment testimonial AOL

August, 8th, 2014: CodeConcept has received a testimonial from AO Logistics. The firm emphasized the fact that CodeConcept dealt with all the tasks efficiently and carefully. What is more, Codeconcept frequently suggests new improvements and its staff are reliable and hardworking. AO Logistics added they would not hesitate to work with CodeConcept again. To see this testimonial go to Experience/Testimonials.

Supporting system directed at American market

embedded iOS Android Mobile

May, 2nd, 2014: Another CodeConcept's multi-layer and multi-platform project which supports the management of integrated points of sale. The system will comprise central database along with web access for the main administrator as well as manager and client-side applications designed for iOS and Android systems. Interestingly, the software will be prepared for an American client and American market, thereby emphasizing its growing importance for CodeConcept.

Purchase/sales supporting system

webdevelopment buy-sell

April, 8th, 2014: CodeConcept is creating an advanced purchase/sales supporting system for mobile telephones. It will serve many purposes, namely: detecting abuses in offering processes (duplicate offers, offering already sold mobiles, etc.), tracking and supervising purchasing and selling processes and generating reports.

Software for car manufacturers

it outsourcing_companies_car manufacturer

March, 20th, 2014: CodeConcept has started developing a new multi-layer system. The application will be responsible for gathering data concerning production processes quality from car component factories located on three continents, aggregating it, processing and showing some statistic calculations which will enable the factories to estimate production processes objectively.

System support for American client

software outsourcing_poland_Invoices

February, 1st, 2014: Another big event concerning the US market. CodeConcept takes over support services for AO Logistics and its LRSS system. Logistics Reconciliation and Settlement System is directed for biller or payer agents, who want to improve and speed up their work with invoices files. Its main feature and benefit is fully automatized and smart billings - invoices matching process.

Taking over maintenance of the system

web developer_America

January, 14th, 2014: Code Concept has taken over maintenance of the system of an Amercian firm which supports business processes outsourcing in acceptance area and settling the invoices as well as payments connected with it. The system enables multiterminal client service (payers and beneficiaries) through complex authorization system.

Moving office and increasing employment

Moving office software house

December, 20th, 2013: Considering the employment of several new programmers CodeConcept decided to move into a much larger office. This has given us an opportunity to hire much more programmers and working itself is much more comfortable now. The new office takes a lot of space, the whole floor, it comprises 11 rooms, including kitchen, toilets, conference rooms and server room. Additionally, a few capable programmers have joined our team since the move.
Currently, we are looking for php, .net, and business intelligence programmers. To learn more, go to Job Opportunities.


Contract with one of the largest IT firms

long-term coopearation -embedded

November, 13th, 2013: CodeConcept has signed the contract concerning a long-term cooperation with one of the world's largest firms operating on the IT market. The cooperation embraces, i.a. the service of IT HelpDesk at the third reference level – solving untypical hardware and software problems as well as reporting and preparing IT training programs for the organization.

Credentials from Energo-Complex Sp. z o.o.

mobile applications testimonials Energo-Complex

July, 1st, 2013: CodeConcept has received  a testimonial from Energo-Complex Sp. z o.o. firm. The company pointed out that we were flexible in regard to the firm's needs and we were always ready to give advice, share IT knowledge and provide high standard solutions. Our staff were commended on their capability and that they reliably carry out all their tasks. To see the testimonial go to Experience/Testimonials.

Credentials from Voxnet S.A.

firmware development testimonials VoxNet

June, 1st, 2013: CodeConcept has received a testimonial from Voxnet S.A.. The firm emphasized the fact that CodeConcept met all their expectations with success, took care of their systems really quickly and confidently, thus avoiding any interruptions,  always met the established deadlines and advised when needed. To see this testimonial go to Experience/Testimonials.

HostelSystem WEB service

it outsourcing companies hostel systems

May, 3rd, 2013: CodeConcept has finished developing HostelSystem WEB service. It is a system  which is helpful in managing hostels. Using this service one can make or cancel a reservation, compare hostels or browse the offer presented by a particular hostel.


Introduction of knowledge management mechanism

web software internal trainings

March, 7th, 2013: CodeConcept has introduced a mechanism for knowledge management. The firm aims at accumulating knowledge, informing one another about any interesting ideas and solutions among the staff, building common know-how and developing the spiral of knowledge. During the trainings many issues are raised, i.e. debates embrace such aspects as WEB applications, LINQ, data base query optimization using MySql or developing applications on Android using Qt libraries.


New portal for VoxNet SA

beckup system development firmware

December, 18th, 2012: CodeConcept develops a new system for VoxNet S.A. VoxNet S.A. is one of the leading alternative telecom provider in Poland. The company provides the integrated telecommunication solution with a use of own modern technology and technical infrastructure of leading providers.   

Further TrafoGrade System development

web development Poland Management System

November, 16h, 2012: Energo-Complex extends the cooperation with CodeConcept, within this further cooperation CodeConcept will develop (new functionalities, options, versions) the TrafoGrade System, an application which was created from scratch by CodeConcept. Energo-Complex company provides the complex systems for managing transformers, produces the advanced checking instruments and introduces modern technologies in the electrical power branch.

Increasing the BI team

Business Inteligence development software

October, 12th, 2012: CodeConcept increases the PC team for one of the CodeConcept's German clients, the team will be responsible for developing the new Business Intelligence Project.

TrafoGrade System

software outsourcing Poland TrafoGrade

September 20th 2012: CodeConcept has developed the new Transformers Management System for Energo-Complex, the company which provides the complex systems for managing transformers, produces the advanced checking instruments and introduces modern technologies in the electrical power branch.

JPP Group and CodeConcept extend the cooperation

software outsourcing JPP

August, 17th, 2012:  CodeConcept extends the cooperation with JPP Group, the yacht chartering portal will be develop. CodeConcept also creates, together with JPP Group, functional requirements for a new touristic portal.

CodeConcept and VoxNet

software developer Software telecommunication June, 11th, 2012: CodeConcept and VoxNet sign the cooperation agreement concerning the new remote backup services system. VoxNet S.A. is one of the leading alternative telecom provider in Poland. The company provides the integrated telecommunication solution with a use of own modern technology and technical infrastructure of leading providers.

CodeConcept on German market

mobile application development company Outsourcing Germany

May 10th, 2012: CodeConcept increases its expansion on German market, what is related i.a. to extending the cooperation with one of main clients on this market. The scope of cooperation includes creating both web and PC applications.


Software Requirements Specification

webdeveloper Web solutions DEEP

April, 20th, 2012: CodeConcept has begun the analyzing requirements and creating the requirement specification for a new Wydawnictwo DEEP system. Wydawnictwo DEEP organizes the language courses based on its own method of teaching language, DEEP also publishes the language textbooks and delivers the applications for learning languages.


CodeConcept for Enki

it outsourcing companies Web application Enki

April, 5th, 2012: CodeConcept has created the requirement specification preceded by a full requirement analysis for a new Enki system. The system concerns the service of technical trainings. ENKI specializes in providing world-wide telecom training. They offer their courses to GSM, UMTS and LTE operators and vendors of the telecom equipment. ENKI instructors have conducted training in 28 countries on 4 continents.


CodeConcept for Relpol

webdevelopment Firmware Relpol
March 20th, 2012
: Relpol and CodeConcept signs the cooperation agreement concerning a new Relpol's product development. Relpol S. A. is a well-known European manufacturer of relays established in 1958. Products of Relpol are applied in the areas of industrial and power automation, power electronics, industrial and applied electronics, telecommunication, household appliances etc.

CodeConcept participates in ‘Countable Arts’ project

web developer GOCP 2

February 10th, 2012: CodeConcept implements a software part in 'Countable Art' project organized by GCOP (Non-governmental Center of Institutions in the City of Gliwice). Within the scope of cooperation CodeConcept has created the web application which bases on interactive map, where the participants can demarcate the routes, what eventually creates the city network of individual paths, measured with number of steps.


CodeConcept for Energo-Complex

embedded web application-Energo-Complex

March 5th 2012: CodeConcept has signed the agreement with Energo-Complex. CodeConcept will create a new transformers management system. Energo-Complex company provides the complex systems for managing transformers, produces the advanced checking instruments and introduces modern technologies in the electrical power branch.


CodeConcept is a sponsor

embedded software sponsoring 2

January 15th, 2012: CodeConcept is one of the sponsors of the event addressed to teenagers, the main goal of the event is to illustrate the special connection between Math and Art. Each activity which are planned within the project will help to discover the important common motifs of Art History and Math, the actions will also demonstrate how these both areas influence each other and how together they form the reality.


Testimonials for CodeConcept

embedded firmware credentials WayGo

January, 4th, 2012: JPP Group has expressed their satisfaction with the many years cooperation with CodeConcept and particularly with the efficient project realization by providing us with credentials. To see the credentials go to Experience/Testimonials.

ECG project

software for businesses projekt EKG

December 30th, 2011: the complex project including designing hardware, developing both firmware and software for ECG device has been successfully ended. The Farum SA company, the project was developed for, was founded in 1819 and it makes Farum one of the oldest company existing on Polish market.

CodeConcept for Olympus SIS

embedded olympus

November 3rd 2011: CodeConcept has started the cooperation with Olympus SIS. The main subject of cooperation is to develop the drivers for new camera models. Olympus SIS is the leading system solution provider in microscopy.
The company operates as a part of the global framework of Olympus Micro Imaging. It is positioned as a global supply unit for micro imaging software and hardware system development, production, distribution, support and service within the Olympus Group – for all applications.

CodeConcept starts new project for Sonel SA

embedded development Sonel

October 19th, 2011: CodeConcept starts a new project for Sonel SA. The project includes developing the simulator for a new Sonel device – the Insulation Resistance Testers MIC-5050. Sonel SA is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for power generation and telecommunications sectors.


web application Energetab

September 13th, 2011: the 24th edition of the fair Energetab on 13 – 15 September 2011. It was a record both in terms of the number of exhibitors and exhibition space. Among more than 680 suppliers of the state of the art equipment from several European countries and China. The range of devices and apparatus presented at the fair was very wide: from transformer substations to specialized vehicles

A new web system for spare parts distribution

software development Poland system-zarzadzania-czesciami

August 1st, 2011: CodeConcept starts developing, for one of its clients, a new web system supporting the distribution and flow of the spare parts within the large services structure.

The hardware component for ECG

software development hardware project

June 15th, 2011: the hardware component responsible for printing from ECG unit has been finished. CodeConcept still develops firmware and software for the device.

CodeConcept will develop Time Management System

it outsourcing Time-Management

May 10th, 2011: CodeConcept develops a Time Management System for one of its foreign clients. A new system allows project management as well as task and employee time management.

Designing the system for chemical soil analysis

software for businesses Agroekspert

April 20th, 2011: CodeConcept prepares for Agroekspert Polska the functional documentation along with a whole system design for a new tool supporting the chemical laboratory. The designed system provides the soil sampling automatisation and a chemical soil analysis. New system involves two platforms: the web application and a software dedicated for mobile phones which allows for precise (GPS) soil samplings as well as for defining the field outline.

CodeConcept and EEG software

mobile application development company EEG

April 10th, 2011: CodeConcept won a tender organized by Elmiko to be its main subcontractor in developing the new EEG system. ELMIKO was launched in 1978. For over 30 years the company has been specializing in the manufacture of digital medical equipment for the study of the human brain.

CodeConcept for B2X Care Solutions

B2X 01

April 2nd, 2011: CodeConcept has recently signed a cooperation agreement with German company B2X Care Solutions. CodeConcepts supplies B2X with a time tracking tool for resource management and technical support for workflow management. B2X Care Solutions is the world leader in after-sales services for the consumer electronics, telecommunication and IT industries. With its headquarters in Munich, B2X has operations in seven continents, providing services in more than 100 countries in 30 languages and with a network of 500 service partners.

Farum SA – the new ECG device

embedded software EKG

March 18th, 2011: CodeConcept starts realization of a new ECG device, the scope of the project includes designing hardware along with the firmware as well as PC software part. Farum SA is a Polish medical devices and equipment manufacturer. The company was founded in 1819 and it makes Farum one of the oldest company existing on Polish market.

CodeConcept wins the Sonel S.A. tender

web development Sonel

March 15th, 2011: CodeConcept wins the tender to develop the user interface software UI-4 for MPI-530 device for Sonel S.A. company. Sonel S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for power generation and telecommunications sectors.

Project of the Hospital Resources Managing System

web development_Poland_Scheduling

March 15th, 2011: CodeConcept designs the system itself and prepares the Software Requirement Specification of the visits booking and resources management complex system for one of the rehabilitation hospital. The system involves patients visit booking, including the online booking, scheduling, managing the number of the hospital resources.

Shadowline GmbH – a new CodeConcept client

embedded Shadowline

February 24th, 2011: CodeConcept signs the agreement with Shadowline GmbH Sp. z o.o. The main CodeConcept task is to develop a new dedicated web software for a sales department. Shadowline GmbH is a manufacturer of the wide range of window accessories, such as: all kinds of blinds, window shades, plissee.

Credentials from Sonel SA

software house_Sonel

January 17th, 2011: Sonel SA has expressed its satisfaction with the cooperation with CodeConcept and particularly with the efficient project realization by providing us with excellent credentials. To see the credentials go to Experience/Testimonials.

CodeConcept will develop a new portal for yacht chartering

web application_Yachts

January 3rd, 2011: CodeConcept develops a portal for yacht chartering but also for selling yachts, yachts' components and accessories. The system will enable electronic documents exchange between ship owners and chartering company.

Launching an online booking system

TaxSystem 02

December 15th, 2010: In the middle of December there was an official launching of online booking system. The program had operated in test mode for several months but in December it started up with all functionalities. The application retrieves the data from local booking system and visualises them in Web, it provides the support for revenue and expense ledger, VAT registration, personal income tax summary, VAT and insurance settlements, fixed assets register and; it also includes automatic reminders and notices.

CodeConcept extends the GPS system

embedded software_GPS

November 12th, 2010: The GPS system developed by CodeConcept is being extended now with new functionalities. The application enables users a number of new possibilities of monitoring and controlling the moving objects (people, vehicles, animals).

Creating a technical documentation for a new B2C portal

it outsourcing_Docs

October 20th, 2010: CodeConcept creates a comprehensive technical documentation (Software Requirement Specification, Software Design Description) for a new B2C portal.

Launching the GPS Project

firmware development_GPS

September 10th, 2010: The implementation of the GPS system has been finished. The application manages the customers and trackers, visualises the trackers' location in Web, it also allows to set up alarms and text messages for e.g. speed limits or territories. The system also enables online payment, setting invoices and services fees.

New CRM system for mobile devices

it outsourcing_CRM-Mobile

August 25th, 2010: CodeConcept has completed a new CRM system dedicated for mobile devices working under control of MS Windows Mobile OS.

Mobile devices are extremely useful tools for salesmen, customer service department or new business department. The CRM application can be utilized for monitoring, saving data, scheduling new steps/activities immediately in the client's work place.

CodeConcept for Sonel SA

embedded firmware_Sonel

May 25th, 2010: CodeConcept signed the agreement with Sonel SA concerning software development services regarding one of Sonel's advanced multifunctional electrical meter.

The SONEL S.A. Company is a manufacturer of high-quality electrical test and measurement equipment. The range of SONEL's products includes Multi-Function Elletrical Installation Meter (MPI), Insulation Resistance Testers (MIC), Earth Resistance and Resitivity Meters (MRU), Loop Impedance Meters (MZC), Loop Resistance Meters (MZC), Microohmeters (MMR).

New Customer on Monitoring Systems Market

web development_Katibo

April 27th, 2010: In April CodeConcept started a new cooperation with Katibo company. The cooperation involves crating the dynamic system for tracking cars, boats and other moving objects. The system is equipped in mechanism of automated alerts of dangers, speeding and leaving the defined area.

New Customer on Accounting Market

mobile application_development_company_Nest

March 8th,2010: CodeConcept has signed an agreement with Nest company. The agreement includes creating the web system for integrating the company's multidivisional structure and organising the relations with clients. Additionally system allows the digital bidirectional data exchanging.

eStetica – a New CodeConcept Product

software outsourcing_Poland_eStetica

February 25th, 2010: CodeConcept has begun to develop a product for medical and beauty market. This is an integrated management system for surgeries and beauty salons. System could be used for managing the employees personal data, accounting and scheduling the resources and services as well as for managing the clients' contacts and data.

New Customer on Serviced Offices market

web developer_PartnerOffice February 10th, 2010: In February CodeConcept and Partner Office company agreed to begin cooperation. CodeConcept is responsible for developing the web application which enables a full digital communication and information exchange (correspondence and phone calls) between employees and Partner's Office clients. Additionally system allows scheduling and managing the company's resources

New business partner

web development_Poland_TaxSystem

January 11th, 2010: In January 2010 CodeConcept has started the cooperation with the large accounting services provider. The major part of cooperation involves designing and developing the dedicated system for remote accounting. Full contract includes designing, developing and supporting the set of innovative applications which allow providing the accounting services without the necessity of personal client – accountant contact.

New customer - Power Quality Measurement market

it outsourcing_company_energy_sector

September 22nd, 2009: CodeConcept signed an agreement with a company operating on power quality measurement market. The cooperation involves firmware development for devices which measure the quality of power lines.

CodeConcept at International Power Industry fair Energetab 2009

webdevelopment Energetab

September 17th, 2009: The 22nd International Power Industry fair Energetab 2009 took place in Bielsko-Biała between 15th and 17th of September. Over 600 companies exhibited during the fair. The exhibitors presented the most modern products used in power industry. Modern appliances and devices such as measuring and monitoring equipment, automatic control systems, computer technology and data transmission systems were demonstrated.

The project for Israeli company Commex Technologies Ltd.

firmware development_Commex

July 3rd, 2009: CodeConcept empored its position on Middle East market. Since the beginning of July the company has been realizing the project for Israeli company Commex Technologies Ltd. This is another client which CodeConcept won on Israeli IT market.

CodeConcept project top-ranked by MSWiA

software outsourcing_Mswia March 12th, 2009: Two analytical projects realized by CodeConcept are placed on ranking list of IT projects which apply for grants from MSWiA (Ministry of Interior and Administration). Both projects involved: the concept, functional requirements definition and technical design. One of the projects ranked the first position on the list with the higher rating in Poland (the project of intelligent helping platform - Chrzanów County Office) and the second one occupied the 19th position (the electronic, active system of social communication support in Oświęcim Gmina - Virtual Assistant Platform).

The project for Narodowy Instytut Fryderyka Chopina

embedded development_NIFC

February 20th, 2009: CodeConcept has realized the project which involved creating two players, the audio and the video one, which operate on two different platforms (PC and CE) and synchronize in real time via WI-FI.

UHC and CodeConcept participate in IT-Medica Siesia 2009

web developer_IT_Medica_Silesia_2009

February 11th, 2009: UHC Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with Koncept-L S.A. and CodeConcept Sp. z o.o. presented their health care sector offer during 3rd Annual Health Care Management conference - IT-Medica Silesia 2009.

The show presented during the conference concerned auto identification mechanisms and involved following events:

  • the lecture titled "Hospital Information Systems utilizing auto identification mechanisms" – areas of implementation and features of Auto ID in a hospital
  • the technical workshops titled "Auto ID system for health care sector" and "Hospital Information Systems" which focused on the main subject's practical aspects;
  • the workshop concerning DRG (diagnose related grouping) system in Poland

Seminar concerning JGP and HIS

software development_Poland_UHC

September 24th, 2008: CodeConcept and UHC Sp. z o.o. organized seminar concerning JGP (DRG - Diagnosis Related Groups) and integrated hospital information systems (HIS). It took place in Campanile Hotel in Katowice; number of participants exceeded sixty persons.

Scope of the seminar:

Diagnosis Related Groups

  • JGP (DRG) in Poland
  • how to encode medical services successfully

Modern Health Care Systems

  • HIS


  • outsourcing in radiology

CodeConcept expands its trainings offer by JGP

embedded development_trainings

August 11th, 2008: CodeConcept conducted a training addressed to the users of UHC's grouper and optimizer in Chorzowskie Centrum Pediatrii i Onkologii. With this training CodeConcept initiated a new service - in cooperation with UHC Sp. z o.o. and with its full support and authorization CodeConcept provides final-user-trainings in operating JGP (DRG - Diagnosis Related Groups) products.

Scope of the training:

  • general info about JGP (DRG), encoding and optimization
  • grouping parameter
  • diagnosis and procedures conducted (including directional and irrelevant)
  • reviewing groups' definitions
  • accepted and rejected groups lists
  • encoding corrections
  • hints
  • system's update and accordance with NFZ
  • problem solving
  • integration with HIS
  • education
  • FAQ

Complex GIS system for Poviat Oswiecim

it outsourcing_Maps

July 10th, 2008: CodeConcept, in cooperation with KPFE (, develops GIS resources; software, hardware, area geodetic surveys and data digitalization in Poviat Oswiecim.

US market representative

web application_Wojtusiak

July 1st, 2008: Mr Janusz Wojtusiak -lecturer and professor at George Mason University becomes CodeConcept's partner in USA. The agreement has recently been signed in Washington D.C.

Contact details:

Janusz Wojtusiak
110 Northeast Module, MSN 1J3
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030
United States

Tel: +1 703-993-4148
Fax: +1 703-993-4684

Functional and technical specification for Olkusz NHS Hospital

webdeveloper applications

May 5th, s2008: CodeConcept made the functional and technical specification for providing the Olkusz NHS Hospital with IT solutions (HIS, RIS and PACS), which was part of a subsidy application to the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration.