Company / Why Us?

What makes us different from others is, on the one hand, our readiness to accept ingenious solutions and new technologies, and a high quality of our services on the other. What we are also proud of is:


Our specialists

Software Hands

  • 100% of our IT staff have graduated from respected universities.
  • 90% of our programmers have worked in the profession for over five years.
  • 100% of our engineers have experience in multicultural projects (including off-shoring).
  • Everyone is keen and committed to their jobs.
  • Everyone has a good command of English.


Our experience

WEBApplications Experience

  • The familiarity with a wide variety of hardware and software platforms.
  • Completing heterogeneous projects which use inter-platform synergy.
  • Creating highly efficient applications working in real-time operating systems.
  • The knowledge of mathematical modelling aspects, advanced data analysis algorithms and signal processing methodology.
  • Designing and developing applications according to internationally recognized standards.


Our attitude to the customer

Firmware Bonsai
  • Respecting our client's time and money, we complete the work within costs and deadlines negotiated.
  • We comply with our clients' needs and standards.
  • We offer advice and assistance at every phase of the project.
  • Being open to new cultures and places, we can work in any time and place selected by the customer.
  • We hold to the old but still valid principle that the customer is always right.


Our reliability

IToutsourcing stability
  • The company started as a result of a merger of entities present on the market since 2000.
  • Its finances are in good shape, without debts or liabilities.
  • The turnover is close to null.
  • The company uses reliable methods of ensuring data security.