Our Offer/ Standards

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In our firm we know how important it is to provide a customer with software of the best possible quality. We understand that this can only be achieved by our strict adherence to standards at every stage of software development.





We design according to the following standards:

  • UML - Unified Modeling Language - defines a unified modelling language containing notions and abstracts which are used in object analysis, in modelling and designing.
  • CWM - Common Warehouse Metamodel - defines a metamodel representing both business and technical metadata which are frequent in data warehouses, as well as in business data analyses systems. This standard is used as the basis of data exchange between heterogeneous information systems supplied by various providers, like data warehouses or systems allowing for business data analysis.
  • MOF - Meta Object Facility - is an OMG standard defining a typical abstract language which allows to specify metamodels. MOF defines basic elements, the syntax, and the structure of metamodels used in order to build object-orientated models of discreet systems.

We provide the following documentation:

Functional requirements (specification), technical documentation (IEEE or another standard chosen by a customer), developer's, user'sa (user's guides) and maintenance documentation.

Project management:

  • MS Project Server
  • Bugzilla

Source code repositories:

  • CVS
  • Source Safe

Automated compilations:

  • ANT
  • Cruise Control

We perform the following tests:

  • Functional tests and utility tests - the product is tested in respect of its compliance with the client's requirements and needs.

  • Regressive tests - control testing if modifications in the system code have not created new errors, or if a system still meets the client's requirements.

  • Efficiency tests and benchmarking - a system or subsystem is checked in respect of meeting the customer's efficiency requirements.

  • Static tests - source codes are verified by specialized software, by an expert team and by experienced programmers.