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As a team with long experience in IT we are adept at working with many diverse languages and software environments. Over the years we have been creating software in a variety of technologies. We are equally capable of implementing specialized assembler drivers and of creating applications in RAD environments. In addition, being familiar with various programming languages, we are able to quickly acquire a command of specialized or uncommon languages and technologies.





We are experienced at designing both applications and whole information systems. As our cooperation with a client often does not end with delivering a new product but is continued throughout its exploitation, we also have practice at product maintenance. Being able to use multiple tools, we know how to facilitate the process of creating an application and managing its subsequent upgrades.

software for businesses Bugzilla


embedded firmware ERWin


embedded software RationalRose

Rational Rose

web developer CVS


webdevelopment Visio


it outsourcing companies MSProject

MS Project

Complete list:
Bugzilla, ERWin, Rational Rose, CVS, Visio, MS Project, Power Designer, dotproject, phpbt.


Most applications are supposed to collect and store various forms of data received from the owner, making the cooperation with a database a very important aspect of program creation. Applications we have been creating require that we are able to deal with databases ranging from the smallest ones, like MS Access, to those which can store enormous amount of data, like Oracle.

web applications MSSQL

MS SQL Server

A database management system supported and distributed by Microsoft, it is that company's main database product (besides Microsoft Jet, applied in MS Access by default, but intended for smaller tasks).

web development Oracle


A relational data base which uses a standard SQL query language. It also has a built-in inner language to create stored procedures PL/SQL. Since Oracle ver 8i it is possible to utilize Java language for developing stored procedures.

embedded development MySQL


A freely available system of managing relational databases, it enjoys the reputation as one of the quickest database servers, which makes it an excellent server for frequently visited websites. It supports database replication (in a master->slave mode), as well as for multilingualism - every table and even every cell can have separate localization.

embedded PostgreSQL


One of the most popular freely available systems of managing relational databases. It allows developing stored procedures in a wide range of programming languages, including script and high level languages like C, C++ and Java (PL/Java).

The development of IT calls for our ability to use various technologies. We are familiar with diverse ways of database access, as well as with state-of-the-art Internet technologies.

firmware development MSWin


WinAPI (Windows API)

Microsoft's core set of application programming interfaces (APIs) available in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes functions for handling GUI controls, events, messages and resources management. All Windows programs must interact with the Windows API regardless of the language.

mobile application development company MSSQL

MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes)

Software development library essential for Visual C++ development environment - wrapper for Microsoft Windows API. Set of its classes constitutes frame for applications working under control of Windows OS.

software outsourcing MSDotNet

.NET Compact Framework

A version of the .NET Framework that is designed to run on Windows CE based mobile/embedded devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, factory controllers, set-top boxes, etc. The .NET Compact Framework uses some of the same class libraries as the full .NET Framework and also a few libraries designed specifically for mobile devices such as Windows CE InputPanel.

software outsourcing Poland Ajax

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Group of web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications or rich Internet applications. With AJAX, web applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.

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Testing is an essential stage of software creation. A high quality of our software and the reliability of our testing methods are proved by the fact that projects co-created by our staff members have been given certificates declaring them fit for medical use.

webdevelopment VStudioDotNet

Visual Studio - testing .NET applications

The newest Microsoft IDE (Visual Studio) allows creating and utilizing automated unit tests. NUnit can be considered as a freeware alternative.

software for businesses Java

JUnit – testing Java applications

A library which supports the creation of automatic tests for programs written in Java. It helps perform unit tests and generate reports on those. It is part of a bigger family of xUnit tests applied in program testing in other programming languages.

it outsourcing WinCE

Windows CE - testing BSP and drivers

Windows CE Test Kit (CETK), component of the Microsoft Platform Builder supporting BSP and drivers testing process.

it outsourcing companies JMeter

JMeter – benchmarking Web solutions

JMeter is a Capture&Replay type application allowing testing thin-client solutions by recording sequences of operations. By simulating peak load of a server it benchmarks the entire system.

Our clients' diverse requirements as to a choice of software environment and a programming language (mainly connected with the development of existing systems) have been conducive to the continual improvement of our skills. Consequently, we are ready to take up tasks which need quick mastering of a specialized programming language or working in untypical software environment.

web development CPlusPlus


One of the most popular programming languages. It is characterized by high efficiency of an output executable files, direct access to hardware and operating system resources, a fair amount of freeware and commercial libraries that can be utilized in C++ applications (developed using C, C++ or other languages), hardware platform and OS independence (compilers available for many platforms), marginal runtime environment requirements.

embedded development CSharp


A simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Source code written in C# is not compiled to native (executable binary) file but to managed. An assembly contains intermediate language and metadata rather than binary code and can be used on different computer platforms without being rewritten for specific architectures (as long as particular platform includes framework that interprets intermediate language).

embedded programming PHP 


An object oriented programming language which is dedicated for developing multiply levelled, integrated web applications, but also an automatic server processes and the websites. A number of integrated programming frameworks were created based on PHP, the frameworks provide a ready to use solutions for a wide spectrum of replicable system problems.

embedded VBasic

Visual Basic

It is a programming languages utilizing syntax derived from BASIC. Visual Basic is not fully object-oriented language: does not provide inheritance and polymorphism mechanisms. It utilizes ActiveX technology.

software for businesses Java


Object-oriented language deriving much of its syntax from C and C++ but with a simpler object model and fewer low-level facilities and some ideas from Smalltalk (virtual machine, garbage collection). Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of computer architecture.

embedded firmware Delphi


One of the first RAD, object-oriented languages originally created by Borland and deriving from Turbo Pascal.

embedded software Python


Interpreted, interactive programming language having fully dynamic types set system and automatic memory management. Python is capable to object-oriented, structural and functional programming.

web developer Assembler


A low-level language for programming computers that implements a symbolic representation of the numeric machine codes and other constants needed to program a particular CPU architecture. This representation is usually defined by the hardware manufacturer, and is based on abbreviations (called mnemonics) that help the programmer remember individual instructions, registers.

Complete list:

C#.NET, C/C++, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Java, Delphi, PHP, Python, Java Script, Visual Basic Script, ASP, PC/DSP assembler.

We create software for both very popular platforms and operating systems like Windows, and also less common ones like DSP. We are also familiar with modifying operating systems, e.g. a modification of BSP (Board Support Package) to fit the needs of customer' equipment.

firmware development MSWin

Microsoft Windows

The family of Microsoft operating systems. Systems belonging to the family operate on servers, embedded devices and personal computers, and characterize advanced graphic user interface. The newest member of the family is Windows Vista.

software development WinCE

Microsoft Windows CE

Operating system dedicated for embedded devices. It comlies with real time OS requirements and has been momery usade optimized.

software development Poland Linux


Highly efficient operating system predominantly known for its use in servers, although it is installed on a wide variety of computer hardware, ranging from embedded devices and mobile phones to supercomputers.

web applications Symbian


Operating system designed and developed for mobile devices by cellular phone vendors consortium.

Complete list:
Microsoft Windows Family (95, 98, 2K, XP, Vista), Windows CE/Mobile, Unix/Linux (Sun Solaris, Redhat, Ubuntu), Symbian, J2ME, Google Android, Win CE/DSP RTOS, DOS.


Writing software in diverse languages means using equally diversified programming environments. In our professional career we have both created software in RAD environments, and worked with environments created for specialized uses, e.g. for DSP processors, including the use of simulators and emulators.

mobile application development company MSDotNet

Visual Studio .Net

An integrated RAD environment enabling programmers to create scaled applications and web services.

software outsourcing BDelphi

Borland Delphi

An integrated RAD environment dedicated to work under Microsoft Windows. Thanks to a variety of components and integrated tools, Delphi makes it possible to develop applications for Windows easily and quickly, with a command of WinAPI unnecessary.

it outsourcing WinCE

Platform Builder

A programming tool which helps build a operating system platform, create system drivers for dedicated devices, and create applications for Microsoft Windows CE.

embedded development AnalogDevices

Visual DSP++

A specialized environment created by Analog Devices, intended to be used in application development, launching, and de-bugging on signal processors (ADSP-21xx Processors, Blackfin Processors). Enables creating software using both assembler, and high level language like C.

firmware development_Eclipse


Eclipse is an open source, robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, industry platform comprising extensible application frameworks, tools and a runtime library for rich client applications development and management. It is written primarily in Java to provide software developers and administrators an integrated development environment (IDE).

Complete list:
Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET (2003, 2005, 2008), eMbedded Visual Studio, Delphi, Borland Builder, Jbuilder, Eclipse, Platform Builder, Install Shield, VisualDSP++, GHS MULTI.

Making an application we always seek to improve its efficiency or aesthetics, as well as to create a clear code which could be developed at will in the future. With this view we use diverse, front-of-the-line tools available on the market.

firmware embedded Codejock


GUI library provided by Codejock Software® that allows rapid development of advanced graphic interfaces similar to Microsoft Office, Visual Studio.NET and Internet Explore.

software development ComponentOne

Component One®

Set of integrated controls for .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile and ActiveX. It speeds up development process by designing and programming advanced GUI by the use of drag-and-drop technique.

software development Poland CrystalReports

Crystal Reports®

Advanced development package allowing querying DBs and presenting results in customizable, graphical manner. Some integrated development environments (IDE) like Visual Studio, include OEM distribution of the Crystal Reports® and integrate with them.

Complete list:
CodeJock, Component ONE, Stingray, SandDock, Crystal Reports, Jreport, MSSQL Reporting.