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Salt Mine in Wieliczka

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The Wieliczka Salt Mine lies within Cracow metropolitan area. It was built In the 13th century and extracted table salt continuously until 2007 as one of the world's oldest salt mines still in operation. Commercial mining was discontinued in 1996 due to low salt prices and mine flooding. Since then, one can see many interesting attractions such as a number of statues, three chapels and a cathedral that has been carved out of the rock salt by the miners. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is visited by about 1.2 million tourists annually.

TwinPigs Town

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Twin Pigs Town is a very attractive place for tourists. That atmosphere takes you to the land of Wild West. Among tens of attractions, which will satisfy the most requiring adventure seekers, everyone will find something interesting. Gunmen duels, bank robbery, Rodeo shows, Desperados, Mysterious Underground, just to name a few. Thanks to all these entertaining-scientific  attractions everyone will be amused.

Municipal Palm House in Gliwice

web applications palm houseHave you ever been to a place like this? Over 6000 various plants grow on 2000 square metres area. This is the Municipal Palm House. One of the most recognizable tourist destination in Gliwice. It comprises four pavilions, namely: Pavilion of Usable Plants, Tropical Pavilion, Historic Pavilion and Pavilion of succulents. What is more, one can observe many animals, i.e. turtles in aquariums, reptiles in terrariums or exotic canaries and parrots. Interestingly, some of the plants are over 100 years old!

Salt Cave in Gliwice

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Salt contains many useful elements, i.e. iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, selenium, copper – if these microelements are in short supply, we are more likely to fall ill, and suffer from a number of ailments. For instance, the selenium contained in salt slows down the pace of skin ageing processes enormously. Thus, treatments involving selenium-saturated salt solutions are included in the offering of Polish health resorts and health and beauty centres. Salt cave in Gliwice is one of such places which offer comprehensive treatment of asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and blemishes as well as obesity. What's more, it is pure relax.