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Poland has a long and outstanding record of mathematical thought and teaching. This tradition of the Polish school of mathematics is reflected in the excellent results Polish students regularly achieve in international mathematics and programming competitions.



embedded applications HSPL 2013

Polish programmers among the winners of fifth edition of High School Programming League

95 schools from 13 countries took part in the contest. A student from Legnica won the individual prize, whereas, in team competition,  the second and the third position was occupied by two Polish teams – from Toruń and Gliwice.

High School Programming League is an international online programming competition which takes place over a span of a few months. The task for contestants is to write a program for every task sent to them via the Internet. Subsequently,  participants send their solutions to the server and they get the answer within several seconds.


it software outsourcing tco13ss

Polish programmer takes first place in TopCoder 2013 Open in ''Marathon Match'' category
The contestant from Poland took first place in the programming contest – TopCoder 2013 Open, held in London. The competition is composed of  several divisions and our representative won in ''Marathon Match'' division.
TopCoder is a firm which is engaged in organizing programming contests. The firm hosts online competition called SRM (Single Round Matches) every two weeks, as well as, weekly contests in Design and Development category. The software created during the contest is licenced by TopCoder for future profits. Thus, the firm is able to host successive events.

webdevelopment ACM ICPCs

Two Polish teams in first 10 of ACM ICPC 2013 contest
University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University in Cracow has been this year's ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest 2013 prize-winners, held in St. Petersburg, Russia. The former took 6th place being awarded a silver medal, the latter was placed 9th acquiring a bronze medal.
Compared to other programming contests ACM ICPC is characterized by a large number of problems to solve and, relatively, a short time given for problem solving( 8 problems in 5 hours, in average). Another feature of this competition is that the contestants(three students) are allowed to use one computer only, which, in concequence, puts even more pressure on the students.


it web company imagine cup 2013ss

Poland wins two prizes during Imagine Cup 2013
Another great success of the Polish IT solutions! Two teams from Poland took second and third place during the world's biggest technology competition organized by Microsoft. The prize-winner from the University of Gdansk  took second place acquiring $5000 and Military University of Technology in Warsaw team was third receiving $3000. Both teams were awarded in ''Windows Phone Challenge'' division. Moreover, another Polish team, from the Poznań University of Economics, appeared in the ''Innovation'' division during the finals held in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Imagine Cup is an annual contest, which aims at resolving world's toughest challenges. The finals of this competition take place in a different country every year. This year Russia was the host.


Polish programmer wins Google Code Jam
The student from the University of Warsaw took first place in the programming contest organized by Google. The competitors had to solve some algorithmic problems. This year over 35 000 participants took part in the contest. The main point of organizing such a contest is, for Google, to find capable programmers and employ them. Google Code Jam has been organized since 2003.

outsourcing software TopCoder Open 2012s

The University of Warsaw student takes second place in 2012 TopCoder Open Algorithm contest 
The competitor from Poland was placed second in ''Algorithm'' category (the most prestigious prize in the contest). There were three more Polish participants  among the 24 TopCoder finalists. They qualified to the close final of the contest. More than 3500 competitors participated in TopCoder Open, i.a. academic workers, students and professional programmers. Additionally, one Polish programmer took second place in ''Marathon'' category.

webdevelopment ACM ICPCs

Second prize for Polish team during ACM ICPC contest in Poland
This year, the finals of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest were held in Warsaw, Poland. The representation of the Warsaw University took second place receiving a gold medal. The third prize went to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The task during the contest was connected with solving several programming problems using such programs as C, C++ or Java.
ACM ICPC is an annual, team contest among the universities of the world. It is sponsored by IBM corporation.

mobile software Imagine Cup 2012s

Two Polish prize-winners  in another Imagine Cup edition
Microsoft organized this year's contest in Sydney, Australia.The Polish programmers obtained two medals. The second prize in Windows Phone Challenge category went to the student from the Gdańsk University of Technology, whereas, the team from the Adam Mickiewicz's University in Poznan took the third place in ''Kinect Fun Labs Challenge'' category. The winners were given $4000 and $3000 respectively.
Imagine Cup is an annual contest for students, which comprises five categories, organized by Microsoft corporation.


it outsourcing companies google-codejam-2010

Third prize for Polish programmer in Google Code Jam 
Polish student won a third score in the Google Code Jam in 2011, he won with 30,000 other participants from around the world. Google Code Jam is an international programming competition hosted and administered by Google. The competition began in 2003 as a means to identify top engineering talent for potential employment at Google. The competition consists of a set of algorithmic problems which must be solved in a fixed amount of time. Competitors may use any programming language and development environment to obtain their solutions.

software outsourcing Poland Polish engineers TopCoder Open

Polish student one of the finalists in TopCoder Open 2011
TopCoder Announced 2011 TopCoder Open Champions and a Polish student is among them, he took honors in Marathon Competitions. The 2011 TopCoder Open (TCO) is a world-wide programming and designing tournament open to all TopCoder members 18 and older who meet the eligibility criteria. There are six competition tracks: Algorithm, Design, Development, Marathon, Mod Dash, and Studio Design.

software house ACM-ICPC

Bronze medal for Polish students
From 8,305 teams selected from 2,070 universities in 88 countries, the top one hundred and three teams of students competed for bragging rights and prizes at The 35th Annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals sponsored by IBM on May 30, 2011, in Orlando Florida, USA, and hosted by IBM. 
The team of three students from the Jagiellonian University won the bronze medal at this 35th Annual World Finals of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.


webdeveloper IMC

1st, 2nd and 3rd grade prize for Polish students  
The prizes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade were achieved by students from Warsaw University in IMC in 2011. The International Mathematics Competition for University Students (IMC) is an annual mathematics competition open to all undergraduate students of mathematics. In 2011 it was again held in Blagoevgrad Bulgaria at the end of July. 329 students took part in this competition from 92 universities from Europe, Asia and both Americas.

software development ImagineCupJokohama

Polish programmers took three prizes at Imagine 2011
A team of AMU students (Adam Mickiewicz University - Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science) were finalists in Imagine Cup 2011, another AMU team attained third position the interoperability competition. In Individual IT Challenge competition the second place was reached by a student from Poznan University. 

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition - focused on finding solutions to real-world issues.


it outsourcing companies google-codejam-2010

Polish students in the Google Code Jam 2010In a group of first 20 best students five of them were from Poland taking respectively 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th and 16th positions. Google Code Jam has brought together professional and student programmers from the world over to solve tough algorithmic puzzles.

mobile application development company Winners

Two students from Warsaw University are the finalists in ICDM 
The data mining challenge, IEEE ICDM Contest: TomTom Traffic Prediction for Intelligent GPS Navigation attracted 575 participating teams, of whom over 100 submitted solutions, most of them many times: the total number of solutions was close to 5000. Best algorithms achieved nearly 3-fold improvement over baseline solutions in predicting traffic congestion and jams. Two students from Warsaw University among the finalists: one took the first place in Jam task, and another was third in GPS task.

webdevelopment ACM ICPCs

ACM-ICPC World Finals Harbin Szanghaj
From 7,000 teams selected from 1,931 universities in 82 countries, the top one hundred and three teams of students competed for bragging rights and prizes at The 34th Annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals sponsored by IBM on February 5, 2010, in Harbin, China, and hosted by Harbin Engineering University. 
In 2010 Warsaw and Wroclaw University occupied the 8th and 14th positions, respectively.


webdeveloper IMC

1st and 2nd grade prize for Warsaw University students in 2010 
Two Polish students from Warsaw University took 1st and 2nd grade prize in IMC. The International Mathematics Competition for University Students (IMC) is an annual mathematics competition open to all undergraduate students of mathematics. In 2010 it was held Blagoevgrad Bulgaria at the end of July. 329 students took part in this competition from 92 universities from Europe, Asia and both Americas.

embedded software TCO09

TopCoder Open Las Vegas 2009 - Polish Engineers succeed in TopCoder Open 2009
Every year thousands of computer programmers from all over the world take part in TopCoder competition. Polish engineers have always been among the best. 2009 was no different, with Polish programmers taking the third place in the prestigious Algorithm competition, and also the second and the seventh place in the Maraton competition.

web developer IC09

Imagine Cup Egipt 2009 - Polish students prove again their cutting edge in computer programming
In Imagine Cup 2009 the team from Poznan won one of the highest prizes – a special award founded by Suzanne Mubarak, the first lady of Egypt. The students developed TraMuBraTion (Translate Music to Braile Notation), the system to learn the Braille alphabet by hearing. In the final round they beat the competition from France and Egypt.
In MashUp category a student from Poznan Technical University took the second place. The HospFinder: a hospital and medical services searcher developed by the Polish student achieved a distinction in the competition.
The third Polish team from Lodz Technical University attained the second award in Interoperability with their Universal Solution for Remote Education, Eduko. The system allows teachers and students to interact using a virtual whiteboard system that is enabled on the desktop and can be projected on to any surface. It also allows the distribution of teaching materials on mobile phones via MMS.
In Projecting Software category the Polish team unfortunately didn't get any of the first awards, although getting to the final round was a great distinction.

webdevelopment ACM ICPCs

The 33rd Annual ACM ICPC World Finals 2009 & 2010
The team from Warsaw University won the bronze medal taking the 9th position in the competition. They completed 7 out of 11 tasks, which was as many as the silver awarded winners did (positions 5 to 8); however they needed more time then competitors from other countries.
Also in 2009, at the beginning of November the Central Europe Programming Contest took place at the Institute of Engineering at Wroclaw University. One of the teams from Warsaw University won the main prize – the Central Europe Championship, completing 6 out of 11 tasks. In this way the winning team, together with the runner-ups from Wroclaw University, who landed the second prize, represented Poland in the 34th Annual ACM ICPC World Finals 2010. The finals of 34th edition of Academic International Collegiate Programming Contest 2010 (IPCP 2010) took place in February in Chinese city of Harbin. The Warsaw team beat over 97 best teams from world's prestigious universities (about 1000 students) and won a silver medal, completing 6 out of 11 extremely difficult tasks.

webdeveloper IMC

16th IMC 2009 Budapest, Hungary - Students International Mathematics Competition 2009
A team from Jagiellonian University won the second prize in Team Contest category, and a team from Warsaw University took 14th place. Among individuals a Pole was also among the leaders, winning the second prize, with another Polish student getting the 11th prize. Both engineers study at Jagiellonian University.

embedded HOParticipation

Highly Open Participation 2008 - Three Polish programmers in the front rank
Three young Polish programmers came top in a Google Highly Open Participation competition, with over 350 people from across the world taking part.

embedded firmware ImagineCup

Imagine Cup Paris 2008 - 196 Poles get through to the second round of Imagine Cup 2008
2090 participants from Poland took part in that edition. After the first round the Poles dominated in four competitions, accounting for 7 % of all contenders. Two Polish teams took the awards for Embedded Systems Design and for Software Design-an award for distributed solutions.
On their way to the finals, the winners of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 beat over 200 thousand participants from over 100 countries.
Our representatives got through to seven out of nine finals, a result which no other country was able to better.

software for businesses TopCoder

TopCoder Open Las Vegas 2008 - Polish students come first in two competitions
The Poles won in two out of five competitions in TopCoder Open 2008, a student and a graduate of Warsaw University seizing victory in the Marathon Competition and in the algorithm part of the contest. A Warsaw University post-graduate student came third in the algorithm competition.
For years Polish students have been in the lead of the TopCoder internet contest. In the universities category Polish schools have been coming top since 2005 consecutively, outdoing such renowned schools as Stanford University or the MIT.

firmware development TeamDev

Central Europe Academic Championship in Collegiate Programming, Prague 2007 - Polish team comes first
Polish team of UW students from the Department of Mathematics, IT, and Mechanics took the first place in the championship, with three other UW teams coming 5, 10, and 23. The list of contenders included 67 teams from Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary.

web applications ACM

The 31st Annual ACM ICPC World Finals sponsored by IBM 2007 - Polish students the Academic World Champions in Collegiate Programming
A team of Polish students became the new Academic World Champions in Collegiate Programming in 2007, leaving behind in the finals 87 teams from the universities from across the world. The Poles were the only team to bring off eight out of ten tasks prepared by the organizers.
The world's oldest and most prestigious programming competition, it had been won by a Polish team for the second time in its history. The qualifier's starting list included 6099 teams from 1758 universities from across the world.

embedded development ImagineCupSeoul

Imagine Cup Seoul 2007 - First place in the overall standing after all competitions
372 students from all across the world, including 17 students from Poland, took part in the finals. The Poles went in for seven out of ten competitions winning three of them, which gave Poland first place in the overall standing after all competitions. On top of that, in the Software Design competition, Polish team was distinguished along with six others for creating applications with the highest business potential.


TopCoder Open 2007 - The Marathon Match champion from Poland
A Pole became The Marathon Match champion at the TopCoder Open 2007 sponsored by AOL at Las Vegas.

web applications ACM

The 30 Annual ACM ICPC World Finals sponsored by IBM San Antonio 2006 - Polish Programmers among the world's best again
Polish IT students from Jagiellonian University became vice-champions at the 30th Academic InternationalChampionship in Collegiate Programming. Besides the two Polish teams the final ten was completed by teams from Altay Polytechnic, schools from Shanghai, Moscow, St.Petersburg, and the prestigious MIT, which came just behind the University of Warsaw.

web development ImagineCupIndia

Imagine Cup Delhi 2006 - Polish Students in the first four
Polish students took four places on the podium in two finals of Imagine Cup, the biggest international academic technology contest. Three Poles outclassed their rivals in the Algorithm class, taking the first three places on the podium. Two other Polish students came second in the Short Film category.

firmware development TeamDev

The Central Europe Academic Championship in Collegiate Programming Budapest 2005 - Polish students unrivalled
Polish students turned out to be a class for themselves at the Central Europe Collegiate Programming Championship in Budapest, November 2005, with teams from Warsaw University taking the first two places.

software development ImagineCupJokohama

Imagine Cup Jokohama 2005 - The Poles come top
Students from Poznan Polytechnic triumphed in the finals of Imagine Cup 2005, the biggest technological contest for young people, being the best among 16 thousand students from 92 countries contending in 9 competitions. The Poles came first in the Games Creation competition, creating the best artificial intelligence algorithm to control the actions of a strategic game hero. Another Polish student team was third in the competition.

software development Poland TopCoderSantaClara

TopCoder Open Santa Clara 2005 - Polish student wins
A Warsaw University student won the algorithm competition at TopCoder 2005. In the finals he defeated 48 rivals, including six other Polish students, selected out of several thousand in the qualifications.